If you have arrived at this site, something within you is seeking to create lasting positive change! Helping people find real solutions to their transportation needs.


Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Welcome to My Chapter 7 Solution! Our Bankruptcy Experts have been assisting families since 1997 with cars of their dreams while re-establishing credit. Chapter 7 Solution has access to multiple lenders from coast to coast sensitive to your situation. Choose from a


Inventory of over 400 cars combined.



All Pre-owned Vehicles come with a 3 Month, 4,500 miles warranty.

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We also maybe able to finance 100% of your automobile loan with little or no money down.


Good Credit
No Credit
Bad Credit
Open Bankruptcy
Discharged Bankruptcy



When you reaffirm, you are paying for a debt that has been charged off already. Do not reaffirm, before speaking to someone first. If you proceed with a reaffirmation, you are just helping the creditor pay off a debt that has been charged off in your Bankruptcy!!!!! Please refer to the “FAQ’s” to learn what a Reaffirmation of your car loan is.

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