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Welcome to a new beginning!

At My Chapter 7 Solution, we will guide you through the unsettling time that bankruptcy ensues and help you get the fresh start that you deserve.

  • Are you in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and worried about transportation?
  • Are you tied to a vehicle that is costing you more than it’s worth?
  • Are you in danger of repossession?
  • Are you ready to start rebuilding your credit score today?

This is the solution for you.

Since 1997, My Chapter 7 Solution has been helping people all over the Eastern US advance from a troubling situation to a fresh start worth celebrating. We offer new and improved bankruptcy auto loan financing solutions to anyone feeling as if they’ve hit a brick wall with their current vehicle situation.

Our team at My Chapter 7 Solution has decades of experience dealing with bankruptcy auto financing. We have access to multiple lenders from coast to coast that are sensitive to your situation.

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Are you in a current or discharged Chapter 7 bankruptcy plan? Upside-down on your car loan and owe more than it is worth? Let us help you.


Just completed bankruptcy? Looking for the next step? Map out your plan to success with our unique program, LAUNCHPAD.


You are more than just a credit score! Whether you have challenged credit or no credit, My Chapter 7 Solution is here to help

Rene Acuna

My Chapter 7 Solution is a passion I’ve had since 1997. I have been in the automotive business for over 40 years, with over 30 years serving this area in financing, running My Chapter 7. I specialize in aiding those with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 obtain a vehicle loan to rebuild their credit while they are still in bankruptcy. I’ve gained the confidence of prominent banks in my ability. I have also earned the respect of several prominent attorneys who refer customers to me for assistance regularly. Whether you don’t know how to keep your present vehicle or are in desperate need of a vehicle, I can help. Over the years I’ve made thousands of people smiling car owners again and each time they say to me “I never thought it was possible, but Rene Acuna you made the dream come true”.

“My motivation is to see my customers smiling at the end of the day with little to no bumps in the process. ”

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Owner Rene Acuna

What people say about us

Attorney Matthew Crow

Rene and mychapter7solution.com are a service to the community and surrounding areas. He will spend the time to help you find what you need as well as what you want. He also cares about his customers and will even tell you when you "wants" do not match up with your budget! He wants you to make a sound financial decision as well as drive off in a dependable vehicle. I have now known Rene for several years and he is someone of high moral character and of high intellect who works hard and ethically for all who seeks his help. When it is time for my next car purchase, I will surely use him.

Attorney Matthew Crow


The Crow Law Firm

  • 5 star review  What a great company to work with, was picked up from my hotel . traveled from VA, To Charlotte to take advantage of there BK program. Rene Acuna and Tony Mejia are great to work with.

    thumb Steven Lockhart
  • 5 star review  I have had a rough bumpy road last few years with just normal life stuff and in trying to better my life and well being I filed bankruptcy and with all that being said my credit was shot but I received a letter in the mail from my chapter 7 solutions and I looked into them read about them and filed out a application and within the next day Tony M. Had contacted me and I live 4 hours away from the dealership but between him and Mr. Rene Acuna they found a truck suitable for my needs got me approved and I went to the dealership afterwards and picked up my new truck I will highly advise that if your Looking for a new vehicle with past or current credit hard times or just looking for a car in general to go check out these guys and I promise you that you won’t regret your visit there. Five stars for sure great people and a great atmosphere to be in for the process of car buying.

    thumb zack langley
  • 5 star review  Was doing online research on Bankruptcy companies that offer auto loans , came across My Chapter 7 Solution, read the Google Reviews. I liked what i read , so i called . Spoke to Rene A. and Mr. Tony M. With in a few hours we had selected the perfect vehicle for me. There inventory is vast and what a smooth process . Mr. Rene knows his stuff. Please go see them . YOU wont regret it.

    thumb Eric Hancock
  • 5 star review  With my poor credit history over the past few years, I was reluctant to apply for a car. The thought of being rejected by creditors over and over was depressing and to be honest, I didn’t need the heartache. But the day came that I had no other choice but to make that call. After traveling 3 hours to Raleigh thinking that I was going to be heading home with a car, the finance guy came out and reaffirmed my worst nightmare. Even though I had half what the car cost as a down payment, the banks still rejected me. I was humiliated. I called my BR attorney and he gave me Rene’s phone number. Spoke with him the following day and within a matter of days, he found me the car I was looking for and had it shipped to his location. He got me approved and now I’m riding with my head held high and more confidence than ever before. It’s nice knowing that someone out there truly does have your best interest at heart. Thank you Rene Acuna. 👊👊

    thumb Matthew Chavis
  • 5 star review  Rene and Tony have helped my family so much.! They helped us when we really needed it and made us feel like we mattered.! They were very nice, attentive, and knowledgeable in everything.! I highly recommend them.! They went out of their way to make us enjoy this experience.! My 1st time buying a car has been wonderful thanks to them.! I’d definitely recommend them to ANYONE.!

    thumb Sandra Hernandez
  • 5 star review  What can I say. I had the BEST buying experience and that is not an easy fete LOL! For 1) my mom is a salesperson and sold me the vehicle I intended to surrender and for 2) I tend to be picky! I was referred to Rene by my attorney, Kimberly Sheek (GREAT ATTORNEY). She is professional, efficient and thorough. Clearly, she only works with people of the same caliber. I was reluctant to go to Rene as I didn't think he would be able to get me into a comparable or dare I say better vehicle than my Nissan Pathfinder. THAT WAS FAR FROM THE TRUTH. Rene and my buddy Tony (salesperson) got me into a newer vehicle, with a better interest rate and shall I say my Buick Enclave is an UPGRADE with many bells and whistles!!! The best part of it all is that Rene understood my bk situation and managed to keep my payments down without me having to sacrifice style and comfort for my family and I. He found a sweet spot between what I WANTED and what I NEEDED! I want to end by saying how transparent and responsive both Rene and Tony were. This is not the ideal situation to purchase a vehicle however, they took the stigma out of the process. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with this team!

    thumb Tanisha Dacosta
  • 5 star review  This company is 100% legit. They made buying my car flawless. Rena and Tony were awesome. If you're in Bankruptcy don't hesitate to go see these guys.

    thumb Mel Maxx
  • 5 star review  I was hesitant to go. I was referred by my lawyer, Kimberly Sheek (great attorney!) in the Summer but felt it wouldn't make a difference. It took me 2 months before I called. So, I finally decided to go (and took my son with me for support). So glad that I went. Tony met me (I was two hours late and rescheduled) and he was very pleasant. He introduced me to Mr Rene who showed me vehicles that felt were in my price range. Don't you know he was spot on? The first car that was shown to me was the one I ultimately selected with 20K miles! Like new! He was so professional and caring. I was also appreciative of him taking us personally into his office to do the transactions. He handles ALL business types so please go to him. Tell him I referred you from Google!

    thumb S Robinson
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