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  1. First off I would like to thank Rene Acuna for giving me a chance at a new car. 2014 Nissan Rouge. Well it’s new to me. The man goes above and beyond to help you get in a new car. I had filed a chapter 7 and had to let my vehicle go back. {voluntary} then a few day’s later i received a letter in the mail from Rene saying he could get into another vehicle. WHAT A JOKE!!!!! {I thought} not me, i can’t catch a break. Well thanks to Rene he got me in one. Wasn’t the one we first looked at, but not a problem. He put me in a better vehicle lower mileage. The color is silver and looks better than the one we wanted. So i told myself [okay I’ll Bite.] so my wife and i took the ride to N. Tryon. After arriving there we walked in and the first person we met was is wife. What a wonderful woman. Then a sales man walked up and asked if we needed assistance. Told him I was looking for Rene Acuna. after a minute or so he came out introduced his self we went into his office. He has a very pretty assistant named Lindsey. Wonderful young lady. Rene had all my paperwork on his desk waiting to be signed. After making copies of my paper work he needed we went for the test drive. The man who rode with us was very friendly and a panther fan. He talked with us like he had known us for years. After the test drive we went back inside did the paper work. we were in and out of there in a hour. Every sales person even talked to us like they knew us. nothing negative about this place. Rene and his wife and Lindsey were very professional. So were the other people. Even other customers were friendly. So Rene, your wife and Lindsey i tip my hat to you guy’s. I am definenetly referring some friends to them. Hey no money down comfortable payments, you can’t go wrong. our next car will come from there. So if your reading this let me say the person to talk to is Rene. I can’t say enough about these people.So Rene , and your wife and Lindsey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you all. Thank’s again. One satisfide customer. excuse the misspelling but i’m still excited.

  2. I was really skeptical about contacting Rene at first, I just lost my car and really didn’t have a plan as too what or how I was going to get back and forth. I remember speaking with my attorney about this and he stated that he could point me in the right direction to get another car. I called Rene and he was the most pleasant kind hearted person that didn’t judge me but gave me hope and confidence to search for a car . I remember crying to him and explaining my whole life story he was passionate and took the time to listen after all that was said and done he told me come let me help you get a car. I was in disbelief I was shocked I thought he was a scammer I thought the car lot would be filled with junk! Well boy did he prove me wrong , I spent 3 days searching for my perfect car it was so many to choose from I didnt want to just jump on the first car presented. On day 3 I found the perfect fully loaded car of my likings and funny to say it’s better than what I had taken . I was super excited the customer service was awesome Rene is heaven sent and I would like to say THANK YOU …

  3. I want to say that it was my great pleasure to work with Rene in finding me a new car..He helped me find something within my budget which is great. I got a beautiful 2015 Nissan Altima. I would highly recommend Rene because he went above and beyond to help me find the car that I wanted. He was very professional at all times and had great customer service skills.

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