We have a HUGE INVENTORY! With over 1,000 vehicles in inventory and 95% are ready to be sold RIGHT NOW! We provide NO DOWN PAYMENT FINANCING OPTIONS FIRST. Down Payment you ask? WHAT DOWN PAYMENT?!?

That’s right, we understand that money gets a little tight during a bankruptcy, and our core lenders are prepared to finance 100% of your loan with NO MONEY DOWN!

Monthly payments? Because of our strong and lasting relationships with our lenders, we can get payments starting @ $250/ month.*

These are some of the options for SUV’s we have available right now! Be prepared to see some very nice cars!

Not interested in an SUV? NO PROBLEM! We have a great deal of compact and full size sedans available. You will also see some high end options in here; we have A LOT FULL of really nice cars!

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*Payment range on any selection will depend on interest rate. We are not responsible for interest rates awarded by our lenders. Estimates based on the average of OUR customers, not the prime lending market. Payment subject to change based on vehicle selection. Interest rates subject to change based on vehicle selection and availability of down payment. Down payment is not usually necessary, and if it is, it is always minimal amounts. If you have any questions regarding this information, you can call us at 980-289-7770 and we will be happy to help you explore your payment options and vehicle selection. OAC

Inventory subject to change. Not all vehicles listed here are guaranteed to still be available. Over 1000 vehicles in an ever-changing inventory. We are constantly recycling our inventory to present the best options possible to our customers.